AdminTool update

So if you tried installing OBIEE11G in a similar environment I did (Linux 64bit) you have probably realized that it can be pretty hard work getting the AdminTool, out of an successful OBIEE11G installatiaion, to work. I need to admit I tried both Wine and Windows version solution and one step before I got it to work my dear VBox crashed. The crash was due to disk problems on my laptop, which costed me my Obiee installation (and thought me the importance of snapshots). You can imagine my rage when it happened.

Anyway, today while trying to install OBIEE11G on a SQL Server I realize that there was something new on the download page. As it seems Oracle released an install for theclient (only 32bit x86 architecture atm).

Hope this helps 🙂 Even those I was a bit upset when I saw it, since they could have released it before and save few days of my time, I was really glad they did at last.

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