Triggering export in Essbase from FDMEE

So what if we would like to export data to a file via CalcScript DATAEXPORT function, and then use the output file to be feed to FDMEE? How do we do that? Easy: call it from a Maxl script, wrap that into a batch file, and call it from the BefImport, so the file is there at Import step. All this was done using the knowledge Francisco has shared a while ago on the OTN.

But let’s look into the exact steps to take:
1) Create a simple Maxl script (which I encrypted because reasons, and so it’s called mxl.mxls):

2) Create a CalcScript that looks like something similar to this (and named Export, as seen above):

Why like that? ‘Cause I set up in the DLR to use the file output.txt in the inbox:

3) Then make a batch file (mxl.bat), with the following content – & just feeding Essbase back his private key, so it can decrypt the script for itself:

4) As the last step put the following code as BefImport script:

Quick and painless!

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