Essbase Standalone servers and FDMEE

This update is just a quick note and shutout on a topic I ran into at a client. I’m working the their Planning Application integration via FDMEE. Now this is a very big environment that has one Foundations and 2 Essbase servers, which are nor clustered but standalone.

Now somehow we had the situation like this (it was fortunately discovered in TEST environment):
– Workfrc
– Expense
– OtherDB
– OtherDB2
– AppName
– Expense
– Expen14
– Expen15

You might have guessed the Application on Server 2 is in fact a copy and some kind of personal archive of an administrator for the HP application. Now the second application was deployed as an Essbase one.

But let’s rewind to what happen – I migrated the solution from my own VM, all good all the way to the “Third Fish”. When I was clicking the “Third Fish” it would keep failing as FDMEE was convinced some of the Entity members did not exist, after testing all location, one finally complained about FY16, now I knew this was REALLY weird. At this point I had no idea about the second server. After a bit of investigation, we found the rules FDMEE was deploying where not visible in EAS. So where are my rules? What is going on. At that point someone mentioned Essbase Server 2. This finally started making sense. We found a copy of the application and all the rules that FDMEE deployed for itself. Renamed the second Application, and magic…all works again.

Lesson learned, be very careful with your application naming.

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